Interview Techniques | Stonebridge Recruitment
Interview Techniques | Stonebridge Recruitment
Interview Techniques | Stonebridge Recruitment

Interview Techniques


We tailor our interview advice for each individual candidate we work with. Preparation is key! You might be a Partner presenting a million-pound business case to a panel, or it might be your first interview in the professional services market. Thorough preparation is vital, we have the resources to make the difference from a good interview to an outstanding one.

Get the basics right

Know who you are seeing. Research them, their background and familiarise yourself with their career path. Detailed research is great, but keep it professional. Some of the Insolvency professionals we work with don’t have a prominent online presence. If you cannot find information about your interviewer, simply spend your time researching the company or role you have applied for. We will know who you are seeing, so will be able to provide you with extensive information on them.

Plan your route and familiarise yourself with where you are going. No one likes to arrive at a meeting or an interview having spent 10 minutes sprinting up and down a busy road. Make sure you know your CV and are comfortable talking about everything that you have included within it.

From your exam results to the largest cross border restructuring, it's imperative that you can talk freely about what’s included in your CV. If there is a job description available familiarise yourself with it. We will guide you through the interview process and help you prepare, by coming up with some useful questions to ask at the end of each interview.

Enjoy it! Be yourself, this could be your brand new job.