Market Mapping

At Stonebridge, we are often asked to benchmark salaries and detail who the best candidates are that our trusted clients need to be aware of. In response, we have expanded our offering to include a market mapping service. This enables businesses to utilise our unapparelled knowledge to create a focused map of the talent pool at a particular grade or geographical location.

Market Mapping helps identify all suitable candidates at a predetermined skill level (PQE). We can also if required, detail renumeration expectations, specific skillsets (specialist areas within Tax or Advisory) and their attitude towards possible relocation. Evaluating and defining the competitive landscape ahead of time, allows your business to be better prepared to take advantage of possible sudden market changes.

Our market mapping service provides:

  • An opportunity to define the likely/possible requirements of your business, and who the most suitable candidates are in the market for those relevant positions.
  • The creation of candidate profiles, company and team structures.
  • Data that allows you to understand your competition and the incentives they deploy to attract and retain their best talent.
  • Increased awareness of your business brand and culture within a specific market.
  • Multiple potential placements at a reduced cost.
  • Ownership of real-time and exclusive market intelligence.

Please contact us regarding costs and timescales for delivery.

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